Review | LVL Lash treatment...

Last week I was invited down to the Rush Beauty Salon in Sutton to indulge in the coveted LVL lash treatment. The treatment is essentially a lash perm with LVL standing for Length, Volume and Lift, so what better time of year than the highly anticipated party season?!

Now this is quite a fiddley process and takes about 45 minutes so be prepared for that if you're a bit funny about people touching your eyes/lashes, it's not uncomfortable, but can be a bit weird if you're not used to it. Rods are attached to your eyelids, above your lashes, your lashes are then stuck onto the rods and perm lotion applied, this stays on for about 15 mins (to be honest I can't remember how long but not more than 20!) Once the perm is done a lash tint is then applied to emphasis volume and lift. It's actually quite a relaxing experience once the rods are sorted as you spend the whole appointment with your eyes closed, what better excuse to indulge in a quick power nap?!

It's now been a week since I had my LVL treatment and I must say I'm suitably impressed. My lashes aren't awful, the length is OK but they're pretty straight, even if I curl them, they only stay for a few hours, if that and I have to set with mascara. With this treatment however, my lashes have kept that just curled look entirely, no sign of dropping and if I add mascara, I can give Kim K a run for her money! Well maybe not but you get the idea. Straight after having the treatment done I did think, hmmm it's a bit of a faff, not sure if it's something I'd have regularly, but after the long days and late nights of the festive season I have to say, I actually think I would be keen to have this treatment a few times in the year, Summer, Birthday and Christmas I think would work but I could definitely see myself getting this done quite regularly as I really love the effect, as well as how great my lashes look. Such a subtle thing but has really lasted well and makes a real difference to any tired, dull complexion.

Once the treatment is finished it's important to follow a couple of steps in the following 24 hours, do not expose yourself, and most importantly eyes to any steam as the result will immediately drop so no saunas, steamrooms, hot baths or hasty opening of ovens. Also no mascara or other makeup as this can also irritate the treatment. Once that's passed you're good to go.

Would you try the LVL Lash treatment, or have you and been converted?


Jurlique #12daysofglow | Rose Moisture Plus Essentials Kit...

Oh Jurlique, how do I love thee, let me count the ways. As much as I love the festive season for all it's socialising and well let's be honest, mass eating and drinking sessions, it can really take it's toll and my skin is the biggest tell tale when it comes to lack of sleep and too much Vin Rouge!

So whether you're struggling for gift ideas, or ideas of what others can gift you, look no further than queen's of the glow, Jurlique. I have been really enjoying indulging in the Rose Moisture Plus Essentials Gift Set* as it's been perfect for hydrating my dull, tired skin.

Jurlique have a fab range of gift sets this year covering all bases when it comes to skin type. Rose is renowned for its hydrating properties and this set comes with the Rose Moisture Plus Cleanser, their cult fav the Rosewater Balancing Mist and the Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cream. Now for those of you that know me well, you'll know I typically have oily, congested skin. Despite being oily though my skin is incredibly dehydrated so this range is perfect for me this time of year. The Rose Moisture cleanser is both clarifying as well as being super hydrating, what I love is that it contains micro fine pumice bits in it to very gently exfoliate the skin without being harsh, so my skin feels really hydrated but lovely and fresh at the same time without feeling stripped.  The Rosewater Mist is just a serious must have, can't live without product, I dowse myself in it, including my hair whenever I feel like I need a freshen up, and the Rose Moisture Plus Moisturiser is great for soothing dull, tired skin without feeling too heavy or overloading.

Head over to Look Fantastic to scope out the other offerings that Jurlique have this year and you'll be sure to find something to suit any of the ladies, or beauty conscious gents, in your family.

*PR Sample


Skincare staples...

One of the biggest compliments I get is how young I look, and second to that, how good my skin looks. I'll admit working at a hairdressers it's usually the young assistants that say it, and what I think they want to say is, 'you're 30, where's the wrinkles?!'

But to be honest I can't believe my age either, not so much down to how I look but because I really feel I haven't changed since I was about 24, and admitting I'm no longer in my twenties is still quite the struggle. But age in general to me is weird, I can never tell how old anyone is anymore and generally, I think people are looking a lot younger for longer, I mean look at Dionne off Clueless?!

So I thought I'd share a few things with you that, aren't so much secrets, as staples in my skincare routine, things I've pretty much always done, or done for a substantial amount of time.

Eyes: I am ALL about the eyes. For as long as I can remember I have taken my eye makeup off separately to the rest of my makeup. I don't know why, it's just always happened. My favs are oil based, bi-phase cleansers. I find them really gentle on the eyes, unlike water based ones or wipes which I think can really snag on the skin and probs add to the inevitable bagginess I'm trying so desperately to prevent! Notable mentions also go to The Clarins Eye Makeup Remover as well as Chanel but for the price, this Boots one is faaboush! I also looooove eye cream. The first I ever used, and carried on with for years, was The Body Shop Elderflower Eye Gel. It pretty much has nothing in it except moisture but I really loved how cooling it was and it just became a staple in my routine. A few years ago I then traded this in for a more nourishing, 'grown up' one in the form of the Clinique All About Eyes eye cream and I've never looked back. I've not always got on with eye creams which is why I stayed so faithful to The Body Shop for so long, I tried one from Estee Lauder and one from Khiels and both severely irritated my eyes so when I found Clinique, all my eye cream prayers were answered. To apply I tap a rather generous amount all around my orbital bone and sleep!

Toning: For some reason I gravitated towards toning from quite a young age. I suppose 14 was the age I started putting together something that resembled a skincare routine and toning was a step I never missed. Not the traditional, alcoholic, skin stripping kind, the remove the last traces of cleanser kind and my toner of choice? Well it had to be the Simple Kind to Skin toning lotion. Something about going from cleansing straight to moisturiser didn't feel right to me, I felt I needed to wipe the slate clean before saturating my skin with cream. Getting older I now love the Clarins Toning Lotion with Iris although I have been trying to use up the Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist purely because it was a gift I've had for ages, infact it's probably gone off! But being quite pricey I thought I needed to give it a good go and truthfully, it int worth the money...it's bascially over priced Evian let's be honest.

Serum: This was a step that came in my late twenties (geez how old does that make me sound!) The Serum. That was also the time I started getting more into skincare thanks to Anna and Kate. One thing they always harped on about was the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum and after sampling, I just had to have it. Now it is expensive, but I really do stand by good skincare and you'll likely only need two a year. It just does everything, hydrates, evens, resurfaces, calms, refines, you name it. I just love how it feels and I instantly saw a difference when I first started using it and it's something I always go back to, a fail safe and something I'll no doubt use forever.

Now I can't say whether my skin condition is down to luck, good genes or these skincare staples, but I thought why not share and give all you fellow hoarders another excuse to visit your nearest beauty hall!


Scrub a dub dub...

Now the colder nights, and days, have set in it's the time of year my skin gets super itchy, especially my legs. I dry up like a prune and in order to get smooth, irritation free skin, along with moisturising, I have to exfoliate. I have not found a better body exfoliator than the Soap and Glory Pulp Friction. And for one simple reason, it foams. A lot of body exfoliators, for some reason don't foam so I find them quite difficult to move around the skin and end up using so much more product. Without foam I also feel they can be a little too abrasive on the skin and I need to do a second scrub with a more creamy based product to soothe and remove any beads after exfoliating...ain't nobody got time for daaaaaaat. This is why I loooove Pulp Friction, the foaming in Pulp Friction helps to nourish and sooth the skin as well as exfoliate, I sometimes feel like I don't even need to moisturise afterwards it's that good. The second thing I need to keep on top of is lips. Winter means dark lipsticks, or on a more day to day basis for me, matte nude lipsticks, both of which need a smooth, sexy base to sit on, no flakes here thankyou! The Lush Mint Julips is one of my favourite lip exfoliators. I think it's pretty much just brown sugar , some oil and flavouring so you could easily make your own. I rub it all over my lips most evenings and then lick it off, which writing out sounds a bit gross but it's so nice. Alternatively you could just rub off with a tissue though if you're precious about it. I then follow this with what I can safely say is my all time bestest lip balm, the Jurlique Love Balm (not pictured) and there we go, smooth, nourished skin to see you through the coldest of winters with no probs.


Red morning light...

I really wanted some Stan Smiths but couldn't quite justify the £65, so when I saw these in Topshop for £22, I hit that click and collect button quicker than you could say...just straight away basically, they had to be mine. I bought these Zara trousers a while a go and rocked them with Birks all summer but I'd been finding them hard to style as it's gotten colder...well problem solved with these beauts I reckon. Gotta do a quick shout out to Primark as well for this beaut roll neck for £6! Duno if I've got a fat neck though, as it's kind of tight but for that price, can't complain really, it looks well chic innit.

I also made friends with the neighbor's cat.


I woke up like dis...

...no seriously I did and totally by accident.

I wanted to do a post on these new hair stuffs from Wella Professionals I've been trying recently. Being a hairdresser, I'm never gona pass up the opportunity to try some new hair stuffs, so when Capital Hair and Beauty contacted me with this lot of goodies, I couldn't resist!

I have really been enjoying the Brilliance shampoo and conditioner, they're nice and light but so nourishing and make my hair feels really soft but not flyaway or weighed down, plus they smell amazing and so fresh. I've then been scrunching the Oil Reflections Oil through the mid lengths and ends. This is another product I am really into, despite being an oil, once again it's weightless on the hair and gives such touchable softness with a subtle shine, making my parched ends look hydrated and fresh. On this particular night I stupidly left my only hairdryer at work...fate worse than death right, I haven't slept with wet hair for years and I was expecting to wake up with lank, flat hair, that wouldn't do anything the next day. But to my surprise when I woke up I thought, 'Ok, let's try and work with this', I flipped my hair upside down, blasted some Bumble Pret a Powder onto the roots and finished with the Wella Performance Hairspray and hey presto, this what we ended up with. I'm quite lucky in that I have a natural wave in my hair but I never thought it would last like this, I had this style for 3 days and it just seemed to get better, a quick top up of hairspray each day and I was good to go.

So could this be a firm farewell to heat styling? Probs not but it's defo a great lazy option and will be perfect for summer.

And if you guys don't know what Capital is, it's an amazing hair and beauty wholesalers where I get all my professional hair bits. If you're a professional in the hair & beauty industry this is the place for you, head over to their site to find out more, but I definitely couldn't live without them. They also do courses which is amaaaaazing, I'm desperate to do a waxing and a nails course so if any of you have done a course with Capital, let me know how it was!


Current face | the faux winter glow...

I've kind of been switching up my makeup routine lately to incorporate a slight bit of sheen as the colder months are well and truly here. With that and the central heating, my skin can tend to look pretty dull, pretty easily.

Now being an oily gaaal, anything shimmery, illuminating or glowy is usually a no go. Although I absolutely love anything of that nature to buy, I'm a highlighting hoarder, I don't tend to get the use out of it that I would like.

Recently I have discovered a way to get a bit of glow going on without ending up looking like a sweaty, greasy mess. The secret is to apply a cream or liquid highlighter underneath powder so it secretly, shimmers through rather than sitting stark on the skin. Once I've applied my corrector, concealer and foundation, I'll go in with my highlighting products. Firstly I'll blend the L'oreal True Match Illuminator under my eyes in the Kardashian triangle shape, I'll them go in with a cream highlighter. This will stay on all day as long as you set it with powder, and my current favourite is a cult classic from Illamasqua, the Gleam highlighter in Aurora. A beautifully natural, gold sheen with peach glint. I apply this to all the high points of my face, cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, my cupids bow, chin, inner corners of the eyes and lastly just above the arch of my eyebrow. Now cream products and oily skin doesn't usually go, but I've a trick to make this last all day and look less like, oh here's my highlighter and more like, this is my natural glow from within. As all my liquid products are now on my face I can set it with powder. I have been loving the Bourjois Healthy Balance powder for a couple of months now so I pat this onto everywhere I've highlighted, but specifically focus on the centre of my face where the oil can go a tad out of control. I'll then dust my cheeks off with some Nars Orgasm blush for that freshly pinched cheeks, outdoor flush of colour and we're good to go.

Et voila, an effortless winter sheen that really does look like it comes from within.


What's inside? | Look Fantastic Novermber Beauty Box...

Can you believe it's November??? I know everyone's saying how fast this year has gone but seriously, it's getting ridiculous now, I feel like everything's flashing by so so quickly and before we know it, shit January will be here and there's nothing to look forward to.

But let's not dwell on that right now as today we're going to rifle through the Look Fantastic November Beauty box yippee! This is the third box that Look Fantastic have released and by now, beauty boxes are usually pretty shit.  But LF have done it again with some seriously amazing samples...

Eve Lom Cleanser - I mean...what can I say, voted number one cleanser in the world this stuff, in my opinion, wipes the face clean off all other balm cleansers. It's some serious coin but this deluxe sample is the perfect way to at least get to experience it in some capacity, even if you can't justify the hefty price tag on the full size.

Hand Chemistry Hand Cream - To me a hand cream's a hand cream, and this time of year one is essential. I love this packaging though and the scent is so nice.

NUXE Youth and Radiance Revealing Care - PERFECT for perking up dull winter skin.

Glam Glow Youth Mud Tingle Exfoliate Treatment - I don't think I need to go into too much detail about how bloody amazing it is to have such a good size sample of the infamous Glam Glow. I love the white version of this and am so excited to be able to try this one.

Monu Soothing Touch Recovery Balm - Now this sounds more exciting that it is as it can be used as an overnight mask, similar to the Origins Drink Up and Monu is beauty with conscience as everything is paraben free.

NEW CID Lip and Cheek Tint - Another take on a chubby stick, but always a welcome addition, especially in festive red, which I can say now as Bonfire night has passed and the countdown is officially on!

Order your Look Fantastic Beauty Box here.


Fudge Urban x Motel Rocks | OOTD...

I was recently given the opportunity to collab with Motel Rocks and hair brand Fudge. Of course I jumped at the chance and have been trying out these Fudge hair chalks. Despite being a hairdresser I have never tried any hair chalks, I know, who am I?! So I was really excited to have a go with these. The white one is to be used with darker hair tones in order to assist in the vibrancy of the other colours. As you can see the other chalk looks quite red in the packaging but actually comes out pretty much fluorescent pink on lighter hair, which I prefer. This stuff is so easy to use, you just rub it on and there you go, then just shampoo and it comes straight out. Great to play around with colour without the commitment and I think the purple and blue would be perfect to play with for Halloween!!!

I also luuuurve this Motel dress, it reminds me of Drew Barrymore in The Wedding Singer, it fits perfectly and I love it so much I'm pretty sure I'm going to get one in every pattern, and the jumper, so warm and cozy and looks wicked with high waisted jeans...but that's another outfit post.

Watch my Get Ready with Me vid featuring this look over on my Youtube channel.



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