The Hair-raising dream team...

I'll be honest, as much as I love trialing and testing different shampoos and conditioners for you guys - as well as for myself as a hair stylist - writing a post up about them just doesn't excite me as much as say, a skincare or makeup review. I'm not sure why, I just much prefer chatting about them on my youtube channel. Perhaps it's because I sometimes feel at a loss for dynamic adjectives when it comes to hair, somehow ooph and schjoooz just doesn't quite translate to the written word.

So I'll keep this brief. When it comes to my hair there are three things to bare in mind, it's fine, it's flat and it's very, very damaged. Not the best combo when it comes to finding the perfect product. I need something nourishing to combat the damage without weighing it down, but also something light to add texture and volume without drying it out, as one thing I cannot stand, is flat, lifeless, hair...on anyone, not just me. And a product I would never look to, to solely give me volume is a shampoo. I've tried a lot of shampoos that claim to add body and volume but really, they're just much lighter formulas that don't weigh the hair down, but something about this one from Philip Kingsley just gives me, and my roots life. Like serious, standing up, noticeably raised from the root and much more abundant through the mid lengths and ends type o'life. I'm not sure what it contains, some kind of padding ingredients I'm sure, but it really does inflate your hair for incredible volume. And the conditioner is light enough to work with the shampoo, but still give my parched ends an injection of much needed moisture. Now I know it would be easy to dismiss the shampoo's effect by counteracting it with my million styling products I layer on, but in true beauty blogger style, I made sure to use this with no other styling products and the volume achieved was just as good.

So are you convinced? If you find your styling products are leaving you feeling a little flat (sorry I just had to) then I really recommend giving this duo a go. 

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In the middle of things...

All Saints Coat | Primark Roll Neck | Primark Jeans | Dr Martens Shoes

Now Christmas is over and the new year is in full swing, the time has come to get shiz done. Over Christmas, I had a bit of a revelation in terms of my life, career, success, my future and all that boring stuff. I do find Christmas can be a bit overwhelming in that respect, but this year, I found it particularly difficult. But let's not dwell on my situation too much as I have made a decision, and I'm actively trying to get myself back on track. I know that sounds cryptic which can be really annoying, but once everything is sorted, y'all will be the first to know what exactly I'm talking about.

Back to the subject of zee outfit, I've been loving pairing my Dr Martens with ankle socks and rolled up jeans recently, perhaps it was my trip to Berlin last year that's got embracing European, minimal dressing. I've always loved wearing neutral tones but I'm starting to introduce more androgynous shapes and outlines to go with it. I'm also loving navy and think it's best worn via this combo.

What kind of start has your year had?


Best of boxing day bargains...

So this was me, last year, on Boxing Day. Not because I'm a sale fanatic and need to make sure I get first dibs on those post chrimbo bargains, but purely because I had to work on Boxing Day and thought, I may as well make the best of a bad sitch and shop!

Now I don't intend on leaving the house today, but I may have a sneaky browse online, coz why not?So here's my round up of the sites I hit up on the search for a Boxing Day bargain.

Of course if you love beauty, you gotta check out Space NK. Notable mentions go to their amazing range of Laura Mercier bargains go be had, including the coveted artists palette. There's also a few picks from Nude Skincare. I've wanted to try this range for a while and with up to 50% off, how can one resist?

As much as I love beauty though, the real bargains to be had are found on my favourite clothing sites.

As pictured, I absolutely love Cos and there is no better time to shop than in the sale. I never really buy anything at full price in Cos as everything always tends to go into the sale, and with 30-50% off, a calm and tidy shop floor and seriously stunning pieces to choose from, what's not to love? I've already got my eye on this beaut silk back jumper...as if I need more black wool but at that price, who can blame me?

Of course the Zara sale is not one to be missed either. This loose blazer gives me life, but they also have some great finds in Coats and Shoes.

One place I don't often shop, as it's crazy expensive, is All Saints. Now the sale can still be kinda pricey but it's worth looking at their coats and knitwear. They are so well made and will last a lifetime, so if you're in the market for an investment piece, now's the time to do it.

Other sites that float my sale boat are Weekday, sister brand of Cheap Monday, this is a great find for everyday basics with a twist. I also love Whistles, I tried this silk bomber on in town the other day and I have not stopped thinking about it.

If you can't face a wardrobe update just yet after all those chocolates and turkey, I also love to indulge in Homeware from Urban Outfitters. They've even got a Crossley Record Player up for grabs this season, as well as super cute duvet sets.

What have you got your beady, bargain eye on?


Last minute Christmas gifts...

I have barely done any festive related posts or videos, purely because I just work so much and so unfortunately that means blogging and Youtube, has had to take a backseat. So I thought I'd just pull together a quick last minute gifts post as we are fast approaching the last weekend before Christmas - can you believe it?!

So if you've still got some pressies to get, here's a few bits I think make for perfect gifts for (hopefully) pretty much anyone.

Lush Bubble Bar: Or anything from Lush for that matter, most of the pre-packaged gift sets come wrapped, so minimal effort required and will suit any busy lady, or gent, who deserves a right good pamper sesh.

Pantone Toothbrush holder: Or anything for the home. Things like money boxes, cushions, frames, vases, candles might seem lame but anyone whose just moved in, is having a refurb or is just a bit house proud will love these cute additions, especially if you tailor it to their taste. Urban Outfitters and Anthropology are great for these types of gifts.

Balance Me Radiance Mask: What beauty lover wouldn't like a face mask? Or, it's a great way to introduce the beauty shy, into one of the most amazing things in skincare. Stick with Radiance or Purifying masks, like the Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask, as these will suit pretty much any skin type.

Morrissey The Autobiography: I find books to be a particularly good gift for difficult men in the family. Whether they're into music, cooking, history or science, you'll be sure to find something to suit...gotta be better than socks and a tie right?

The Sanctuary Ultimate Salt Scrub: When it comes to indulgent gifts, you don't get better than The Sanctuary really do you? Beautifully packaged and purse friendly prices, your giftee will feel super spoilt without the guilt of overspending. Perfect for Mum's, Aunts, Sisters, Best Friends, pretty much everyone.

Casio Watch: Or any kind of accessory; scarf, beanie, gloves even pajamas and slippers come into this category. This may seem random but who doesn't need accessories? They can also work for those who are perhaps a bit trendy, and you're not sure what to go with, perfectly normcore if you will.

DVDs/Box Sets: Despite having access to Netflix and Now TV, there's still nothing quite like throwing on an old fashioned DVD and laying under a blanket on the sofa. Not sure what they're into right now? Find out any older films or TV series they love, and give them a gift with a large serving of nostagia.

Spa treatment voucher: This is something I do quite regularly for my mum as she never spends money on herself in that way, and who wouldn't love a free treatment? Manicures, pedicures, facials and massages are fab for gifts, and you need to check out the Debenhams website as they now sell gift cards online for all our favourite beauty brands, from Benefit to Elemis.

I have a load more ideas for last minute gifts, so look out for my tweets throughout the weekend, offering up more ideas for those more difficult recipients.

Are you lucky enough to have completed all your shopping?


Review | LVL Lash treatment...

Last week I was invited down to the Rush Beauty Salon in Sutton, to indulge in the coveted LVL lash treatment. The treatment is essentially a lash perm, with LVL standing for Length, Volume and Lift, so what better time of year than the highly anticipated party season?

Now this is quite a fiddley process and takes about 45 minutes, so be prepared for that if you're a bit funny about people touching your eyes/lashes. It's not uncomfortable, but can be a bit weird if you're not used to it. Rods are attached to your eyelids, above your lashes, your lashes are then stuck onto the rods and perm lotion applied, this stays on for about 15 mins (to be honest I can't remember how long but not more than 20!) Once the perm is done a lash tint is then applied to emphasis volume and lift. It's actually quite a relaxing experience once the rods are sorted, as you spend the whole appointment with your eyes closed, what better excuse to indulge in a quick power nap?

It's now been a week since I had my LVL treatment and I must say, I'm suitably impressed. My lashes aren't awful, the length is OK but they're pretty straight, even if I curl them, they only stay for a few hours, if that, and I have to set with mascara. With this treatment however, my lashes have kept that just curled look entirely, no sign of dropping and if I add mascara, I can give Kim K a run for her money! Well maybe not, but you get the idea. Straight after having the treatment done I did think, 'hmmm, it's a bit of a faff, not sure if it's something I'd have regularly', but after the long days and late nights of the festive season I have to say, I actually think I would be keen to have this treatment a few times in the year, summer, birthday and Christmas I think would work, but I could definitely see myself getting this done quite regularly as I really love the effect. Such a subtle thing, but has really lasted well and makes a real difference to any tired, dull complexion.

Once the treatment is finished, it's important to follow a couple of steps in the following 24 hours; do not expose yourself, and most importantly eyes to any steam, as the result will immediately drop, so no saunas, steamrooms, hot baths or hasty opening of ovens. Also no mascara or other makeup as this can also irritate the treatment, and once that's passed you're good to go.

Would you try the LVL Lash treatment, or have you and been converted?


Jurlique #12daysofglow | Rose Moisture Plus Essentials Kit...

Oh Jurlique, how do I love thee, let me count the ways. As much as I love the festive season for all it's socialising and, well let's be honest, mass eating and drinking sessions, it can really take it's toll, and my skin is the biggest tell tale when it comes to lack of sleep, and too much Vin Rouge!

So whether you're struggling for gift ideas, or ideas of what others can gift you, look no further than Queens of the glow, Jurlique. I have been really enjoying indulging in the Rose Moisture Plus Essentials Gift Set* as it's been perfect for hydrating my dull, tired skin.

Jurlique have a fab range of gift sets this year, covering all bases when it comes to skin type. Rose is renowned for its hydrating properties, and this set comes with the Rose Moisture Plus Cleanser, their cult fav the Rosewater Balancing Mist and the Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cream. Now for those of you that know me well, you'll know I typically have oily, congested skin. Despite being oily though, my skin is incredibly dehydrated so this range is perfect for me this time of year. The Rose Moisture cleanser is both clarifying as well as being super hydrating, what I love is that it contains micro fine pumice beads to very gently exfoliate the skin without being harsh, so my skin feels really hydrated but lovely and fresh at the same time without feeling stripped.  The Rosewater Mist is just a serious must have, can't live without product. I dowse myself in it, including my hair, whenever I feel like I need a freshen up, and the Rose Moisture Plus Moisturiser is great for soothing dull, tired skin without feeling too heavy or overloading.

Head over to Look Fantastic to scope out the other offerings that Jurlique have this year, and you'll be sure to find something to suit any of the ladies, or beauty conscious gents, in your family.

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Skincare staples...

One of the biggest compliments I get, is how young I look, and second to that, how good my skin looks. I'll admit working at a hairdressers it's usually the young assistants that say it, and what I think they want to say is, 'you're 30, where's the wrinkles?!'

But to be honest I can't believe my age either, not so much down to how I look, but because I really feel I haven't changed since I was about 24, and admitting I'm no longer in my twenties is still quite the struggle. But age in general to me is weird, I can never tell how old anyone is anymore and generally, I think people are looking a lot younger for longer, I mean look at Dionne off Clueless?!

So I thought I'd share a few things with you that, aren't so much secrets, as staples in my skincare routine, things I've pretty much always done, or have done for a substantial amount of time.

Eyes: I am ALL about the eyes. For as long as I can remember I have taken my eye makeup off separately to the rest of my makeup. I don't know why, it's just always happened. My favs are oil based, bi-phase cleansers. I find them really gentle on the eyes, unlike water based ones or wipes which I think can really snag on the skin and probs add to the inevitable bagginess I'm trying so desperately to prevent! Notable mentions also go to The Clarins Eye Makeup Remover as well as Chanel but for the price, this Boots one is faaboush! I also looooove eye cream. The first I ever used, and carried on with for years, was The Body Shop Elderflower Eye Gel. It pretty much has nothing in it except moisture but I really loved how cooling it was and it just became a staple in my routine. A few years ago I then traded this in for a more nourishing, 'grown up' one in the form of the Clinique All About Eyes eye cream and I've never looked back. I've not always got on with eye creams which is why I stayed so faithful to The Body Shop for so long, I tried one from Estee Lauder and one from Khiels and both severely irritated my eyes so when I found Clinique, all my eye cream prayers were answered. To apply I tap a rather generous amount all around my orbital bone and sleep!

Toning: For some reason I gravitated towards toning from quite a young age. I suppose 14 was the age I started putting together something that resembled a skincare routine and toning was a step I never missed. Not the traditional, alcoholic, skin stripping kind, the remove the last traces of cleanser kind and my toner of choice? Well it had to be the Simple Kind to Skin toning lotion. Something about going from cleansing straight to moisturiser didn't feel right to me, I felt I needed to wipe the slate clean before saturating my skin with cream. Getting older I now love the Clarins Toning Lotion with Iris although I have been trying to use up the Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist purely because it was a gift I've had for ages, infact it's probably gone off! But being quite pricey I thought I needed to give it a good go and truthfully, it int worth the money...it's bascially over priced Evian let's be honest.

Serum: This was a step that came in my late twenties (geez how old does that make me sound!) The Serum. That was also the time I started getting more into skincare thanks to Anna and Kate. One thing they always harped on about was the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum and after sampling, I just had to have it. Now it is expensive, but I really do stand by good skincare and you'll likely only need two a year. It just does everything, hydrates, evens, resurfaces, calms, refines, you name it. I just love how it feels and I instantly saw a difference when I first started using it and it's something I always go back to, a fail safe and something I'll no doubt use forever.

Now I can't say whether my skin condition is down to luck, good genes or these skincare staples, but I thought why not share and give all you fellow hoarders another excuse to visit your nearest beauty hall!


Scrub a dub dub...

Now the colder nights, and days, have set in it's the time of year my skin gets super itchy, especially my legs. I dry up like a prune and in order to get smooth, irritation free skin, along with moisturising, I have to exfoliate. I have not found a better body exfoliator than the Soap and Glory Pulp Friction. And for one simple reason, it foams. A lot of body exfoliators, for some reason don't foam so I find them quite difficult to move around the skin and end up using so much more product. Without foam I also feel they can be a little too abrasive on the skin and I need to do a second scrub with a more creamy based product to soothe and remove any beads after exfoliating...ain't nobody got time for daaaaaaat. This is why I loooove Pulp Friction, the foaming in Pulp Friction helps to nourish and sooth the skin as well as exfoliate, I sometimes feel like I don't even need to moisturise afterwards it's that good. The second thing I need to keep on top of is lips. Winter means dark lipsticks, or on a more day to day basis for me, matte nude lipsticks, both of which need a smooth, sexy base to sit on, no flakes here thankyou! The Lush Mint Julips is one of my favourite lip exfoliators. I think it's pretty much just brown sugar , some oil and flavouring so you could easily make your own. I rub it all over my lips most evenings and then lick it off, which writing out sounds a bit gross but it's so nice. Alternatively you could just rub off with a tissue though if you're precious about it. I then follow this with what I can safely say is my all time bestest lip balm, the Jurlique Love Balm (not pictured) and there we go, smooth, nourished skin to see you through the coldest of winters with no probs.


Red morning light...

I really wanted some Stan Smiths but couldn't quite justify the £65, so when I saw these in Topshop for £22, I hit that click and collect button quicker than you could say...just straight away basically, they had to be mine. I bought these Zara trousers a while a go and rocked them with Birks all summer but I'd been finding them hard to style as it's gotten colder...well problem solved with these beauts I reckon. Gotta do a quick shout out to Primark as well for this beaut roll neck for £6! Duno if I've got a fat neck though, as it's kind of tight but for that price, can't complain really, it looks well chic innit.

I also made friends with the neighbor's cat.



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